EarthCube Funded Projects

1 Using Neo4j to Explore NSF EarthCube Awards

EarthCube is a set of funded projects, supported by NSF’s Geosciences directorate and the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure. EarthCube is defined as “a community effort to promote interdisciplinary geoscience by enabling technology, organization, and culture that facilitates connectivity through standards and protocols to existing and emerging resources.”, so I thought I would take the opportunity to leverage a few emerging technologies to look at connectivity across the organization.

I’ve been involved with EarthCube since an early workshop at the University of Wisconsin focused on community standards for geochronology, user needs and capacity building. Since then I have been co-PI on an award to help integrate the Neotoma Paleoecological Database and Paleobiology Database through a common API (currently in development as the EarthLife Consortium). I currently sit on EarthCube’s Leadership Committee, so, as much as this post is driven by my own interest, it’s also got an element of propaganda to it.

2 Obtaining the Data

2.1 The Search Tool

The National Sciences Foundation has a very handy Awards Search tool. The NSF Awards Search API documentation is fairly well documented, and provides an opportunity for developing programmatic tools around awards searches. I’ve developed this document as a one-off, and tried to use fairly straightforward approach, to focus the code around the use of the RNeo4j package, rather than the API wrapper.

To get the data I used the NSF Awards Search web interface and simply searched for any award (expired or active) that contained the term EarthCube.

Once this is done you get a set of results from projects that have included "EarthCube" in their text somewhere, or are funded through the EarthCube program at the NSF level (as opposed to the EarthCube Governance). The returned list can be exported to one of several formats.