Commit to the cloud! A collection of instructional or informational resources relating to R, web development, collaboration, or general informational content. All of these documents are licensed under an MIT license and are free to use. You may also consider contributing through my homepage's GitHub repository. Many of these linked documents also have their own GitHub repositories, indicated within the document and you are always welcome to contribute there too.



[- Building a Basic Jekyll Website -]
What I've done & how I did it.Development

[- Building a Python Twitter-bot -]
Building outreach tools & learning programming languages from concepts.Development

[- Containers in the Cloud! -]
Deploying a simple node.js application to Heroku using Docker containers.Development

[- Regex to the Rescue - Reinstalling R packages -]
Using regular expressions in bash to ease the pain of installing R packages for a new project.Development

[- Using bash to manage your git/GitHub repositories -]
A short bash script to check project directories and report their status.Development


[- Collaborative Models in GitHub -]
How to choose between three models of collaboration on GitHub, and how to implement each.GitHub


[- Accessibility with Jekyll Pages -]
How to ensure your webpages are accessible for all.Misc

[- Installing SchemaSpy to document you database -]
Using the program SchemaSpy to produce a diagram of your database and provide secondary information about tables, anomalies and constraints.Misc

[- Ontology in Earth Science -]
Thoughts about ontology systems and their applicability in the Earth SciencesMisc


[- Adding CI To RMarkdown Documents -]
Using continuous integration with RMarkdown documents.R

[- Advanced Neotoma for Fun and Profit -]
A broader vignette of the functionality in the R neotoma package.R

[- Graph databases in R using neo4j and the NSF -]
Looking at the EarthCube Program as a set of interconnected nodes.R

[- Regular expressions in R, with a useful Shiny app. -]
An introduction to the stringr package and regular expression searching.R

[- Spatial Data On the Web -]
How to use Leaflet and Shiny to interactively explore spatial data.R

[- Style your R -]
A broader vignette of the functionality in the R neotoma package.R

[- The Neotoma Database - Tools -]
Learning how to explore hypotheses with Neotoma tools.R

[- Using GeoDeepDive to Quantify Missing Archives -]
GeoDeepDive consists of a cyberinfrastructure to manage documents from scientific publishers and to apply Natural Language Processing in an effort to build rich data discovery tools that can leverage dark data in new ways.R

[- Using the ATOM editor with R -]
Some tips and suggestions for using the Atom Editor with RR

[- rOpenSci Fellowship Application -]
Application for rOpenSci's Fellowship program to construct a workflow management system.R